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                  Quality Policy: Take quality management as the key to survival, ensure customers’ satisfaction. Take technological innovation as an impetus to development, forge name brands of JOEL.   Business Concept:Take brand as a link, and creating values together with you.   Corporate Spirit :Solidarity,Devoted, Down to Earth, Innovative
                Today is:
                Joel Plastics
                  UFC grade composite pellets
                  Urea Moulding Compound(granules)
                  Use of products
                Joel formaldehyde
                  Address: Nandu Town, Liyang City Industrial Zone No. 6 (at 104 State Road 1224 km)
                TEL:0086 519 87685555  87685628
                FAX:0086 519 87685698
                Contact: Mr. Li,xiao
                Mobile: 0086 13625113065
                Company Website:/
                Company E-mail:czjoel@163.com

                  Address: The 8th Innovation Road Nandu Town, Liyang City
                TEL:0086 519 68696803  68696805
                FAX:0086 519 68696806
                Contact: Mr. Di  0086 13801495028
                        Shaw  0086 15995059194
                Company Website:
                Company E-mail:czjoel@163.com

                Social welfare activities:

                    2014 Spring Festival, Changzhou Joel Plastics Co., Ltd., general manager of middle-level cadres came to bring peace Shaw crossed town to visit condolences elderly nursing home, old people bring to holiday gift, wishing the elderly spend a warm and happy New Year , gave a love Changzhou Joel Plastics Limited.

                Condolences to the local nursing home Condolences to the local nursing home
                Copyright @ 2010 Changzhou Joel Plastics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TEL:0086 519 87685555 FAX:0086 519 87685698 Su ICP 10055099
                Address:Jiuxian Industrial Zone,Nandu Town,Liyang City, Jiangsu Province,China(located in 1224 kilometers in the National Highway 104)